The world was a perfect little bubble

Back when I couldn’t see

Or hear or feel anything

The water was gray, for

The moonlight barely reached

The sunlight wasn’t warm

Because the shadows kept me cool

The darkness was never a scary place

because you can’t be scared of what you

Can’t see, hear, or feel

Peace, for all was empty and

All was quiet

But the light switch suddenly turned on

And everything burns.

My mind sees what my eyes skipped

The world with light is more terrifying I fear

For smiles turn into smirks and sneers

Once were truths, now are lies

The masks were cracked but I never knew

How hideous it was to look at you.

Give me back the darkness

For the light breaks me apart

Let me wallow in the night

Let me bathe in ignorance

Because I was finally alright

For the first time in my life