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I heard what they were saying
But it didn’t register in mind
I sat for a few more minutes
And finally the tears started to drip down
My throat felt as if it was closing in
It was hard to breathe
I didn’t know what to say and I could no longer see
What was in front of me, for the salty water
Has clouded my vision
I can’t think,
the words keep coming out
but they no longer make sense to me.

We talk about death daily but I don’t think
we feel it until it happens to someone close to us
For we take the people we love for granted,
for we take life for granted,
thinking that we’re invincible in youth
That we’ll live forever in the moment
That nothing can disrupt this perfect bubble
But death reminds us to be humble
It pierces your heart for a split second
And while the pain feels like an eternity
It is only the memory that remains to haunt.
We’ll live and then die.
How simple.

Rest in peace my 5th grade teacher, Mr. Heller. You were my first male teacher and someone who challenged his students on a daily basis. We were basically quizzed and tested everyday. While we complained and whined that it was too much and that there was no way it was going to be this tough in middle school, I wanted to thank you for shaping my study habits. Sometimes instant gratification isn’t that great anyway. I regret not visiting you. I wanted to tell you that I got into a good university and that I was even closer to my dream now. I wanted to say thank you but most of all, I wanted to show you who I have become: someone who is finally confident in herself, someone who knows what she wants and speaks her mind. Thank you for taking care of that awkward and clumsy girl who was too tall for her age and rarely spoke. Thank you for seeing something in me that I didn’t. I think you’ve always expected something great from me and I wanted to show you exactly that. I’m sorry it took so long and now it’s too late. I hope you were at peace in your final moments. And thank you again, for everything.

Always your student.