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The flower had bloomed beautifully under the sunlight,
But so easily, it allows me to destroy it
One by one, the petals fall to the ground
For beauty can last as long as a second
I let one petal remain but what good will it do,
For it will wither away like the person holding it
I could destroy nature in spite
But time will destroy us both.

My reflection will appear differently as years go by
The roses will turn black as the end of the week nears
While I cling to the illusion of youth,
I do not crave immortality nor do I fear death
But perhaps I yearn again for the innocence and purity
Of someone who did not know the cruelty of the world,
the negativity and despair that haunt failures

Yet even when the rose petals have all fallen,
The thorns remain.
For beauty and youth cannot protect you from the world,
They are not resistant to time
But knowledge is,
Knowledge is my thorns.

So age beautifully so when the beauty
That accompanies youth disappears,
you will keep getting more beautiful
because your mind knows more
when your face is less.