Don’t act as if you’re the only one suffering
As if you’re the only one who’s in pain
When I have these thoughts that suffocate me
When I have to carry the weight of people on me
When I have to take everything people say
In silence, in fear of offending others

Don’t you dare act as if you’re the only victim
When you took me by the throat and squeezed
Until the only thing I could was fight back
Did that surprise you?
And finally you realize that I wasn’t as weak,
As vulnerable as I appear.

You thought it was ok to pick a fight with someone
Like me, because I wouldn’t fight back
But I fear I lost that child who took everything
and pushed it in the back of her mind
Until she was alone, to silently hate herself
For no one loved her enough to protect her

She’s gone and she’s not coming back
And I won’t ever go back to that little girl
Who listened out of respect to your yelling
who cried because she thought you loved her
Because I’d rather inflict pain back
Than compromise myself for the likes of you.

Because it’s about time I put myself first
It’s about time I thought for myself
It’s time for me to be the one to protect,
to have confidence and to be happy with myself

Because to be myself is all I could ever wish for.