When I was young, I used to tell my demons
Not to get comfortable and to leave me alone
They laughed and smiled, told me they can’t
For I was the one that brought them here
For I was the one who let them stay
So I got used to the little demons
Running around, wreaking havoc
But the damage was small and I felt fine
And they were the only ones that understood
The little insecurities of mine

They’re bigger now, I don’t remember how
I told them to get out again
Because I no longer want them there
But they paid no heed to my words
As they crept deeper into my mind
And released the other demons of their kind
They told me that I gave them power
That I gave them a reason to survive
My pain, my grief, my anger fueled them
and now they were ready to play with me.

I told them to stop. I didn’t want this,
I never intended for them to stay
But it was too late, the damage was done
Now I am stuck, with demons dancing in my mind
Enough for me to feel every negative thing
ten times more than normal, ten times more
than I used to, ten times more than I want to.
How painful it is to know you are the one,
driving the stake into your own heart?
I let them in because I let myself wither away.