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The life that you thought you had was so promising and so bright
You thought anything was possible as long as you can keep it in sight
Now it’s so blurry, someone has cut off the light
You’re thrown into a pit of darkness and no amount of screaming could make it right
Someone has taken what didn’t belong to them: your life.
How scared must you be, pressed against the wall, the door only inches away
But you remembered the saying then, that life wasn’t fair.

When lives are taken, fingers start to point.
But it was so dark, so who could it be?
That man, that woman, right there, you say.
But he wasn’t there and she was out of town.
He was, she was, you cried out.
For the light doesn’t shine on them like it shined on you.

You recognized the darkness that tried to suffocate you.
You had seen thousands of faces morphed into one
You have seen the darkness that you thought was gone from the world
But looking into their eyes, you realize how wrong you were
For darkness lurks behind the brightest smiles but hides within the troubled minds

How time must have dragged on, like a bomb with only a few seconds left
You start to wonder if they will be happy after this
Would your life bring the peace that they wanted?
Was it worth it, you thought, to kill and feel like you’ve done right?

Was it that easy, to end someone’s life as though you’ve done it millions of time?
Is it easy to talk about someone’s life as though they don’t matter?
Why is it so easy to use someone’s faith and race as a reason for the injustice?
When did we start thinking of a human being as anything less than a human?
Your name, your religion, your sexuality, your ethnicity are you but are you not human?

Opposing sides clash when they meet but the person next to you is not and will never be
any less human than you are.
For when you raise that gun to end someone’s life in the name of your justice,
you’ve lost the right to be considered human
For a person blinded by hate, ruled by pride, and urged by faith, they are nothing
But a vessel that has fallen.

Note: I wanted to take this chance to mourn all the lives lost due to another’s selfish decision. The most recent shooting was the one at Chapel Hill where the lives of three students were cruelly taken. I have not read into the reports in detail yet but this poem is addressed to some posts I saw on Twitter where there are some people who actually thought the homicide was a just thing because the students are Muslim. It is not ok to EVER think that taking an innocent person’s life as right. We live in a society that has been slowly ridding itself of traditional norms (go feminism), so why can’t we rise from the hate and violence? Because there are still some people who think they have the power to decide someone else’s life.
Stop using religion as a reason. Stop using race as a reason. Look at it from face-value. This man killed three students, is that right in your eyes?


Until next time xx.