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(i have no clue about the age range of the bloggers here but i’ll be giving advice for high school students and college students)

Ten Things I Wished I Knew in High School and just random advice (in preparation for college)

1. to take as many AP classes as I can because once you go to college, you pay for everything! And yes, college tuition is way more expensive than the measly $97 for an AP test.

2. taking college classes in the summer because high school students get to take them for free at a community college!

3. applying for scholarships in 9th grade or as soon as possible. I only got one outside scholarship, now if I had tried sooner…

4. Get to know your teachers well! It’s so much easier to talk to your teachers in high school than it is in college. If they know you well, then you can get a strong recommendation letter or even scholarship letter. Your AP teachers are the best ones to ask.

5. Leadership positions are important for those who want to aim for the top universities like the Ivy Leagues. I didn’t really hold a leadership position but I volunteered and did a lot of community service. I could have become president of a club if I tried but it’s actually more important to show you’re committed about a cause.

6. Play some sports or do a hobby that you’re passionate about! Unfortunately, my passion was discovered late and on the down-low. I didn’t have anything to showcase at the time with my writing. I wrote stories but those were fanfics, the ones you don’t want the people you know to read because your fangirl status is a secret.

7. Have a back-up dream. I’m not joking. I only had one plan in high school, which is to become a doctor (the dream is still true today). But I wished that I explored more career paths and be more open-minded about areas that I haven’t thought about.

8. Attend a high school that mentally challenges and prepares you for college. I had no clue that high school education was that important until after I attended my first year of college and realize that people without a strong foundation was more likely to fall behind.

9. Start learning how to do interviews! My first interview ever was a college interview with a Yale alumni, it was the most scary thing ever because I didn’t know if I was going about it in the right way. Honestly, I wished I have gone to my college career counselors and just asked more questions, about interviews, majors, anything. Just take advantage of your resources in general, everyone in your high school is there to help you. And if they don’t, then they’re not doing their job.

10. Of course you can have fun. Go out with your friends, go to dances, and go make some mistakes so you can learn from it. Also friends are your connections so surround yourself with good people because you never know, they might be the very ones that can help you when you’re broke and your parents kick you out of the house. Just kidding but you know what I mean.

Note: So like the title of this entails, if you’re scared for your future and how it’ll be like then that just means you care enough to read some advice for it. I’m a firm believer in growing your own way but sometimes, it’s nice to get some help so you can focus on yourself than about the whole college application process. If you know who you are, then life is so much easier.

Questions, comments, criticisms are welcomed! Also if you agree with these advices, please comment about experiences?

My next post will be about roommates and the good and bad things about rooming with random people! Until then xx.