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For fear of the God you don’t know the mind of
You were told to repent the sins you never thought mattered
For fear of burning in a place you’ve only heard about
You held on to the opportunity to save yourself
They took hold of you and fed your mind with their lies
And you didn’t know what the truth was anymore
For that was now your truth

So you incite the same fire that others ignited in you
And you deem yourself worthy to put yourself in position of God
You believe that it was your right to carry out His orders
You believe that it was your job to punish those gone wrong
To put them in a position you so feared a moment ago
You gave them a chance, you say, to repent or pay
But what did they have to pay for?

A choice that wasn’t a choice
A life that was decided without a fight
You can hold onto that belief you thought was right
That one day you will be saved
By ridding those who sinned while you continue to sin
For the God you hold so dear, that you only turn to Him
When you wanted to live a better afterlife

You can hold onto that flame that got you here
I won’t wash it out like you tried to do with mine
For the God I believe in, told me to live my life
without going around, thinking what I believe is right
Because I was not in the position to decide another’s fate
I did not have the privilege to take away another’s flame
So you do not get the right to play God.

Note: I am not bashing anyone’s religion by putting this up, I just heard the song “Take me to Church” by Hozier (love love the lyrics) and these lines came to me. I actually avoid writing about religion since people have strong faiths and I respect that but respect should go both ways. Anyway, this usually happens when some message is so strong, it just forces me to write. I am a mere vessel as my mind take reign. But that’s exactly what this blog is about, freeing your mind and writing about anything! Until next time xx